Graduate Opportunities

Ireland is quickly becoming the EU's technology hub with companies like Google, Facebook, IBM and more having their EU headquarters located here. Demand for graduates is at an all time high, giving most graduates a very high chance of getting a job right out the door! There is also plenty of opportunity for further study.

Some Facts:

  • In America, the Department of Labor's projects from 2004-2012 have six Computer-Science related jobs in the top 10.
  • In 2007, Australia's Tourism Board put out a call for foreign IT graduates (including Computer Scientists) as there was a shortage of Computer Science graduates and an abundance of jobs.
  • Networks and Data Communications analyst is the fastest growing graduate job in America because of the Internet and the increasingly reliance of businesses on the it (Computer Software Engineer is third).
  • Computer Science has one of the highest earning potential's for first time graduates, with graduates earning an average €29,000
  • Ireland is home to 8 out of the Top 10 global software companies