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Since a lot of Computer Science research is based around solving problems, why not have a go at some of the puzzles our students think you might enjoy. In the future, you might be able to write some simple code to solve the problems automatically for you!


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Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi


The Towers of Hanoi is a very common problem used in Computer Science courses. There are three posts and on the left post there are a number of discs, smallest on the top and largest on the bottom. To complete the puzzle you must move all discs to the rightmost post. You can only pick up on disc at a time and at no point can you put a larger disc on top of a smaller one. Give it a go and see if you can do it in the least amount of moves possible. A solution for 4 discs is shown on the left, see how many you can manage!





River Crossing (Easy)

River Crossing


A very common puzzle and not just in Computer Science, but lets see if you can solve this one. There is a fox, a chicken and a bag of corn. The farmer wants to transfer all to the other side of the river via the boat. He can only take one object at a time. The fox can't be left with the chicken, and the chicken can't be left with the bag of corn. Can you get all three to the other side without any mishaps?






River Crossing (Hard)

River Crossing


So the previous puzzle was too easy for you? Well, this one may well have you pulling your hair out! Apparently it's used as part of a Chinese IQ test so let's see if you can get this more difficult puzzle. There is a mother and father with two sons and two daughters, a policeman and a convict all trying to cross the river. Only the adults (the mother, father and policeman) can operate the boat. The convict cannot be without the policeman if there are others present. The father cannot be left with any of the daughters without the mother present. And the mother cannot be left with any of the sons without the father being present. How long will it take you to figure this out...?