Schools Program & PACT


Schools Program

Senior-cycle secondary students are welcome to attend a free one-day or half-day workshop at Maynooth University that provides students with an understanding of what it would be like study computing.

The workshops consist of a set of interactive sessions where students learn some computer skills, such as programming, multimedia editing and web design; and participate in demonstrations hosted by members of our research groups on various research topics such as robotics, computer vision, music technology, motion capture and person tracking. The activities can be tailored to the interests of students attending.

If you are a second level student then please approach your careers guidance counsellor about contacting us to arrange a group session. Alternatively, you are very welcome to visit the department individually to discuss any details of our Computer Science courses, to view our facilities, to hear about our research or sit in on a lecture. Please contact us for further details at or on 01-7083847.



The PACT programme is a partnership between researchers in Maynooth University's Department of Computer Science and teachers at primary and post primary schools around Ireland. Our overall goal is to develop a primary and secondary level curriculum for computational thinking which moves beyond programming and algorithms.  

Computational Thinking is about combining the creativity of human thinking with the power of computing machines to solve problems across a range of disciplines. The focus is not on learning facts about computers but on developing creative ideas and solutions to real-world problems. This develops a core skill which is crucial to a range of 21st century careers, such as information technology, physics, finance, engineering and bioinformatics.

If you would be interested in becoming involved with the PACT initiative please contact us at: Further information is available at