SocIT Events


SocIT is Maynooth University's Computer Science Society. Throughout the academic year of 2017 - 2018 SocIT ran 16 events! These events included talks from PhD students, a Music Technology talk and a Cryptocurrency Trading talk. SocIT also attended 3 programming contests in Ireland and England and even held their own in Maynooth. Be sure to follow the SocIT Facebook page here to stay up today and get involved with future events! 

Christmas Programorama 

This was SocIT's largest event this year, they organised and ran a programming competition for students of Maynooth University, Over 70 students took part and it was overall a great success, there were prizes for best overall team and best first year team, totalling 150 in prizes


Irish Collegiate Programming Competition – IrlCPC

The IrlCPC is a competition held in the University College Cork. One of the teams representing Maynooth University placed third, scoring 70 points. 


North Western European Regional Programming Competition – NWERC

This year a SocIT team qualified for the North Western European Regional Programming Competition (NWERC), we travelled to Bath, United Kingdom for 3 days and competed against some of the best teams in Europe.