Computer Science Department


The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1987 in the Faculty of Science. In addition to offering a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the Department has an active research programme. There are twenty-four academic staff, seven support staff, thirty-five postgraduate research students, and approximately 900 undergraduates in Computer Science in the current academic year.

CS Building



CS Lab

The Computer Science Department currently has four software laboratories, equipped with over 350 PC workstations, for use by students using Windows and Linux; it also has a dedicated hardware laboratory. There are three large postgraduate research laboratories and a number of research groups have their own special research laboratories.

We have a lab with 60 IMac computers that have a number of media software products including Final Cut Pro for video editing, the industry-standard Digital Audio Workstation Pro Tools, the Adobe suite including Photoshop.



The Department provides undergraduate programmes in Computer Science and Software Engineering and Computer Science as part of a Science or Arts degree. In addition, the Department provides the Computer Science component of numerous denominated degree programmes, including Biotechnology, Genetics & Bioinformatics, Physics with Astrophysics, Multimedia and Music Technology. Lecture Hall


Postgrad Lab The Department offers a comprehensive postgraduate programme including research degrees leading to the award of Ph.D. and M.Sc., the taught M.Sc. in Software Engineering, the Higher Diploma in Software Engineering, and a Higher Diploma in Information Technology conversion course which is also targeted at students with non-computer science primary degrees.



The Programming Support Centre is a service provided by the department for first years studying their introductory modules. If you are finding the content difficult, you can go and work through it with previous students, which makes a big difference!