First Year Computer Science Students


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Hi, my name is Ryan Lynch. I've just finished my first year of Computer Science through Science. I used to attend Coderdojo here and really liked the people and the attitude towards Computer Science. I also had really good experiences meeting with the Access Office on several occasions which was a big reason as to why I picked Maynooth. I found the content to be really good at introducing new people to computer science but I found the pacing a little slow at times. The lecturers are dead sound and really helpful. They were approachable and answered any questions about anything related to the course. The MSC was also a great help when I struggled with my Maths modules. I definitely feel like MU will have me more than ready to enter industry by the end of my degree. Don't worry about the Maths. The MSC has been a huge help learning the material and they teach the Maths in a way that is far easier to understand than regular classes or lectures. Also, you don't need CS experience to come into this course. It definitely helps but they start teaching form the very basics and the lecturers are really thorough.


My name is Fatema Sadeqi, currently studying general science and I have just finished my first year. I came to Maynooth because I have come here for a lot of their events such as open days, taste days and shadowing days and I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere here. The course itself is not that hard but a lot of practice is required especially for someone like me with no previous experience of computer science. MSC and CSC were the best supports throughout the course as well as the approachable staff. The course has given me the basics needed to fit in in industry. I would recommend everybody to give it a go for at least one semester, once you put the work you will be surprised of what you are capable of.