Second Year Computer Science Students


You can see the Computer Science degrees available at Maynooth University on our courses page.


Hi, I'm Michael Kane. I've just finished my second year in General Science. I live somewhat local so commuting to Maynooth was easier for me. The only course I could find that gave Computer Science as an option was General Science. I found the Computer Science course challenging enough and at times I was a little overwhelmed, but for every hard module/topic there was another one that came easier so overall the course is not too bad in terms of difficulty. The Maths Support Centre and Computer Science Centre for Maths and CS respectively helped me a lot when I was having trouble with the course. Lecturers were always willing to help with anything they could on/off the course, I just had to ask them. I don't feel fully prepared to go into industry yet but hopefully with 2 more years of college things will change. I feel like the course is definitely helping gear us towards that eventuality. If I had any advice it would be to use the supports that are there and don’t forget to do some extra-curricular stuff in your time in Maynooth as well as study. This will help you focus.


My name is Shaheer Ahmad, I study Computational Thinking. I found the course to be intriguing and exciting and that was the sole reason for coming to Maynooth University. The content of the course was challenging and mentally challenging and that was exactly what I was looking for. I feel like I need more experience in a practical environment as I find that I've got enough knowledge in terms of theory but not when it comes to practical applications. Try and get some coding experience before coming, it will stand to you.


Hey I'm Amy Clarke, I just finished my second year of Computer Science and Software Engineering at MU. I came to Maynooth as the course seemed appealing to me, as the IT industry is continuing to grow. The content of the course is manageable as long as you work and I find I haven't had many problems with it. The Demonstrators in labs, the Computer Science Centre and my friends who are other students were all huge help to me when I was struggling with the course. I feel prepared to go into industry. Industry is a much different environment to work in. I feel I may have the skills though but I cannot speak for definite because you don't know what to expect in industry completely. If you need help ask for it. Everyone is really nice. It's not as hard as you think and you will almost certainly get a job from it. There is many supports so you should avail of them.