Higher Diploma in Computer Science


More information on the Higher Diploma course available at the Maynooth University website.

Hi, I'm William McCarter. I studied a Hdip in Maynooth University. I decided to come to Maynooth as friends of mine had done their degrees in CS and had highly recommended MU to me in terms of facilities, teaching level and overall delivery of the course and Hdip in CS. I found the course and content all very daunting at first but I was able get through it. I used help from both students and the lecturers whenever I found some parts hard. I was able to either email or walk into a lecturers office whenever and there was always students around the Computer Science building. I definitely feel prepared for the industry, with only doing one year and practicing the content I am getting more interviews. I would recommended anyone to definitely consider doing a CSSE course here, the lifestyle and atmosphere for CS overall is overwhelming and you can learn so much.


Hey, I'm Claire Smith, a Hdip student at Maynooth University. I chose to do my Hdip here as I was able to live at home and commute. I found the course to be challenging at times, however, there was demonstrators in labs to help if you were stuck. I feel I need more experience to go into industry, I feel I am prepared for any whiteboard questions in interviews I may have but as for working industry I don't feel prepared. Personally I’d recommend to try and have a basic knowledge of coding it can be a huge advantage.

Hi, my name is Oisin Feely. I'm a Hdip student at Maynooth University. I studied my undergrad in Maynooth, so I was familiar with the college and the Computer Science department. The content of the course was good, I did find that there was a lot of introduction lectures and would have enjoyed more practical work but overall the content was challenging. My supervisor for my project was fantastic help whenever I found myself in a challenging situation. I feel quite prepared for the industry due the work on my year project, as working on and completing a full software project does prepare you for what work in the industry would be like. I'd recommend a basic understanding of coding and an idea of projects to do.