Summer School 2017

SS 2017Summer School 2017 was held in University of St. Andrews in Scotland from 3rd July to 8th July 2017

Summer School brochure can be viewed here. 

Student Presentations: 

Akulina Lyapunova, UL
Project title: Compilation of rewriting strategies
Supervisor: Horatiu Cirstea

Guillermo Reyes Guzman, UL
Project title: Vertex removal in 3D Delaunay Triangulation
Supervisor: Olivier Devillers

Juan Karsten, UL
Project title: Data selection for the training of deep neural networks in the framework of automatic speech recognition
Supervisors: Irina Illina and Dominique Fohr

David Ahmad Zonneveld, UL
Project title: Verification, Optimization, and Transformation of Quantum Programs
Supervisors: Simon Perdix, Emmanuel Jeandel

Jordina Frances De Mas, UL
Project title: Coalescence in fully asynchronous elementary cellular automata
Supervisors: Nazim Fatès and Irène Marcovici

Nikita Vasilenko, UL
Project title: Make it walk
Supervisor: Dmitry Sokolov

Poonam Kumari, UL
Project title: Toward parameterized verification of TLA+ specification
Supervisor: Stephan Merz

Fady Zaki, MU
Project title: Extracting implicit structure from unstructured data
Supervisor: Adam Winstanley

Rodrigo Rodrigues De Carvalho, MU
Project title: A Java-based OpenStreetMap History Import Tool
Supervisor: Peter Mooney

Aida Younesi, MU
Project title: Teaching fundamental programming skills through computer games
Supervisor: Thomas Naughton

Atithi Chakma, MU
Project title: Software to perform image processing and analysis of a DNA microarray
Supervisor: Thomas Naughton

Ibrar Yunus, MU
Project title: 3D Room Change Detection with ROS Indigo and Turtlebot
Supervisor: John McDonald

Melda Yeghaian, MU
Project title: Assessment Support and Analysis
Supervisor: Kevin Casey

Qurat-ul-ain Shaheen, MU
Project title: Graph Visualization and Manipulation of Distributed
Digital Object Clusters

Xuan Tinh Pham, MU
Project title: A Secure Multi-Cloud based Key Retrieval, Data Storage and Information Sharing System
Supervisor: Thomas Dowling

Andrea Balogh, UStA
Project title: Deep Learning for Guiding Constraint Solvers
Supervisor: Christopher Jefferson

Dmitry Smorodinnikov, UStA
Project title: Verification of UML Sequence Diagrams using Labelled Event Structures
Supervisor: Juliana Bowles

Gokberk Kocak, UStA
Project title: Investigation into Smooth Path Finding
Supervisor: Mike Weir

Hager Ali, UStA
Project title: Investigation of the relation between standard neural networks and deep neural networks
Supervisor: Mike Weir

Keylor Chaves Viquez, UStA
Project title: Towards Automatic Eye Fundus Montages Creation from Arclight Videos
Supervisor: Ognjen Arandjelović

Leonardo Pais Cardoso, UStA
Project title: Configuration of security viewpoints for a mHealth monitoring application
Supervisor: Saleem Bhatti

Mahmoud Abulebdeh, UStA
Project title: Visualisation of Conflicts and Resolutions for Treatments of Chronic Conditions
Supervisor: Juliana Bowles

Weichung Shaw, UStA
Project title: Learning the forward kinematics of a mobile robot with supervised machine learning and artificial neural nets
Supervisor: Mike Weir

Hongxin Chen, UStA
Project title: Understanding the Academic Community - Collecting and Using Public Academic ‘Big Data’
Supervisor: Ognjen Arandelovic

Kamran Razavi, UStA
Project title: Kubernetes Blue-Green Deployment
Supervisor: Alex Voss

Nafise Eskandani Masoule, UStA
Project title: Automatic Spark Cluster Deployment
Supervisor: Adam Barker


Student Prizes

Best 1st Year Projects:

Jordina Frances De Mas, Université de Lorraine

Xuan Tinh Pham, Maynooth University


Best 2nd Year Projects:

Juan Karsten, Université de Lorraine

Andrea Balogh, University of St. Andrews

Gokberk Kocak, University of St. Andrews

Rodrigo Rodrigues de Carvalho, Maynooth University


Best Overall Project (Student Nominated) at DESEM Summer School 2017:

Jordina Frances De Mas, Université de Lorraine